Retrofit Kits
    What better way to upgrade your existing fluorescent, CFL or Metal Halide lighting with an energy-efficient Retrofit Kit. It can be installed into a vast amount of different fixtures and lamps, with just a few steps. These are high powered lighting without the high costs to operate. 
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Retrofit 30w
Retrofit 45w
Retrofit 60w
Retrofit 75w
Retrofit 105w
Retrofit 120w
Retrofit 150w
Retrofit 200w
Retrofit 280w
Retrofit 320w
Retrofit 350w
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Optional Mounting:

-Yoke Mounting (E26 or E39) 35W-200W
​- Flex Mounting (Patented)  ​​35W-200W

Additonal Costs will occur for the special order mounting per kit.​​

Retrofit Kits come with a 5 year manufacture warranty​​.
**All products are subject to change without notice.